🎯Mission, Values & Goals

Developer DAO was started as an experiment by Nader Dabit on a YouTube livestream in September 2021. The DAO's mission, values and goals were established by the community ~ a month later, on October 22nd 2021, via this Snapshot vote.


Our mission is to accelerate the education and value of a new wave of web3 builders.


  1. Transparency: open source everything, conversations in public, document and share journey

  2. Diversity and Inclusion: seek to foster as diverse a membership as possible and support everyone to contribute)

  3. Responsibility: As a self-governed community, we rely on members to be personally responsible for their actions and commitments to the community.

  4. Kindness and empathy: we know that we are living in a complex, stressful, and diverse world and go out of our way to make people’s lives and days better through our interactions.


  1. Onboard, Educate, and support Web3 Developers

  2. Foster & Build Web3 Tools & Public Goods

Now you know what we're about, it's time to connect with us so you can stay up to speed with what is happening in the DAO and the opportunities to learn about and increase your impact in Web3.

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