🐾First Steps

A brief overview of how to get started in the DAO for Members and non-members alike.

We're delighted that you made it here.

Much of what we do is free and open to everyone as a public good. The first step to tap into the value the DAO can provide you is connecting with us on essential channels. We update and announce everything.

Once you're connected with us, it's time to get involved.

Join one of our events

Events are core to the value the DAO provides for Members and non-members via social meetups, workshops, hackathons, IRL Parties and more.

Check out our guide on events below.

Join our Discord

Our discord is where the rest of the Alpha is at 🤫.

Joining our Discord required holding our D4R OG NFT or at least 400 CODE tokens. If you already hold either of these, head to https://guild.xyz/dd to get access or check out the guide below.

If you don't, check the guide on joining our discord below.

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