💬Join our Discord

Whilst the Discord !== the DAO, accessing our Discord community benefits your learning and career in Web3 (alpha).


To access the Developer DAO Discord, you need to hold one of the following:

  1. Our original Devs for Revolution (D4R) NFT

  2. At least 400 CODE tokens

Purchasing the D4R NFT

When trading NFTs, please confirm you're purchasing the official version. The Developer DAO NFT is verified on Etherscan here.

The easiest way to join our Discord community is to purchase the D4R NFT via one of the many available NFT marketplaces where the NFT is traded.

We recommend using either Opensean or Looksrare. You can find direct links to the page that lists our NFT on each platform below.

Purchasing the NFT does not give you voting rights in the DAO. Voting requires holding the CODE token. You can acquire that by buying the token on the open market following the guide below or earning CODE by participating in the DAO.

Purchasing CODE tokens

When trading tokens, please confirm you're interactive with the official contract. You can verify the CODE tokens contract address by checking token.developerdao.eth.

Joining Discord

We use a service called Guild to manage the access to our community.

If you hold the D4R NFT or at least 400 CODE tokens, or any other tokens that give access (i.e. Hackathon participant NFTs), joining the server is a heading to the DAO's guild profile and connecting your wallet.

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