🙌Show love with Praise

We've implemented Praise system in Discord that allows you to recognise other members in a peer-to-peer, decentralised way for any contributions to the community and be rewarded in CODE.

What is Praise?

Praise is an open-source tool we use in Discord to empower Members to recognise each other contributors to the DAO in a peer-to-peer fashion. Per the latest Labs budget, 5,000 CODE is allocated to Members each month based on the Praise they receive.

You can read more about it on the Praise docs below or check out the introduction video from our Community Manager, BillyJitsu.

How to get started with Praise ?

Praise works via a Bot in Discord to issue and receive Praise and a dashboard where Members connect their wallet to complete their profile and set their receiver address to receive rewards.

Activate your Praise account.

Head to any channel in Discord and type /activate. You will receive a message from the Praise bot to activate your account by going to our dashboard and connecting your Ethereum wallet.

Dishing out Praise

Dishing Praise is the act of acknowledging the contributions of other community members.

To begin dishing, type /praise. The bot will then give you two fields to fill out

  1. recievers - who you're issuing Praise to (can be multiple people)

  2. reason - why you're dishing out Praise to them

For a more detailed guide head to the Using Praise section of their docs below

Writing excellent Praise

There are no rules for what you can or cannot Praise other members for. This intentionally allows a bottom-up, natural mechanism for rewards with limited bias.

There are two main guidelines for writing excellent Praise.

  1. Be specific! Name the exact contribution you want to praise.

  2. Express personal or community impact! Say how the action or contribution has an impact on you or the community.

The Praise docs have a great guide on "Writing Excellent Praise", please check that out. We've included some important snippets it below as well.

Quantifying Praise

For each "period", we will assign "Quantifiers" who are randomly assigned an even number of "Praises" to rank each Praise from 0 to 100. Right now, this role is played by our CM BillyJitsu, and our Growth Ops Lead, Kempsterrrr. We plan to expand this pool in the future.

Each Period's rewards will be issued based on the Praise points each receiver has after the process above has been completed.

When will I get my Praise reward?

Each month the Praise reward will be issued alongside the monthly payroll. This typically is queued for signing on the last day of the month and signed within 24 hours.

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